cran2deb: providing over 2,200 R packages for Debian users

What is cran2deb?

cran2deb provides Debian apt repositories of essentially all R packages found in CRAN. cran2deb builds new packages daily to provide the latest packages from CRAN as Debian packages, with correct dependencies upon other Debian and Debianized R packages.

Current issues

We have recently outgrown the tools we previously used (in particular, mini-dinstall). As a consequence amd64 is currently not supported, and the repository URI has changed (see below). We hope to support again amd64 shortly.

How to use cran2deb

To use a cran2deb repository add:
deb cran2deb main
to /etc/apt/sources.list. This package repository is signed with a gpg key. This key can be added via:
sudo apt-key add key.asc
Alternatively the key can be located using the following details from public key servers:

Further information